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All new projects will require a custom proposal, tailored to the specific needs of your project, as there are many caveats that could potentially affect project timelines or cost. Please use the 'request a quote' form below and provide as much information as possible for a more accurate quote. 


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Thanks for submitting! Please allow up to 24 hours for a response (but hopefully sooner).

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Before we can start the project, we ask that you provide as much of the following as possible to alleviate additional modeling time and design changes.

- Up-to-date, and accurate design documentation (existing 3D model, CAD drawings, or sketches)
- Furniture and material specifications and/or references, as well as graphics packages
- Lighting and mood references.
- Landscape references or site photos.


With teams in Amsterdam and Hawaii, we have the scalability to work on your project around the clock, with the ability to connect with you at whatever time is convenient to you. A typical turn around time for a project is around 1-2 weeks, depending on complexity, but single images can be turned around in as little as 48 hours if feedback is provided promptly. 

First Draft: Verify 3D informational questions, camera views and basic overall lighting
Second Draft: Check that all the scene geometry and materials are looking accurate and as intended.
Third Draft: Now is time to comment on any entourage, decor, or other small details that look out of place.
Final Deliverable: We will finalize the renders with some post production work, and any additional changes would be addressed in Photoshop or through small patches (region renders). 

Timeline is subject to change based on client responsiveness, but typically issues are resolved within 1-2 days at each stage during the process. 

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