Vis-Lab is a team of six individuals educated as architects and industrial designers producing immersive 3D experiences specializing in experiential, retail and residential real estate projects.. We have offices in both Hawaii and Amsterdam, which allows us to work continually across time zones for the fastest turn around times possible.

Vis-lab can accommodate any visualization request, whether still images, animation, or VR environments, excelling in the production of high end photo-realistic imagery.

We work in all phases of the design process - from concept and schematic, to design development, and marketing - providing a range of 3d modeling and rendering options to suit each particular circumstance. 

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  • Erik West Large.jpg

    Erik West


    Erik is a designer and trained architect with over 15 years experience of working with 3D visualizations for Vis-Lab. He’s forever thrilled by this rapidly evolving field and the demands it makes of him to constantly increase his knowledge and hone his skills. As Director, Erik leads a studio that focuses on turning creative ideas into amazing 3D visual experiences.

  • Niels Paulus.jpg

    Niels Paulus

    Senior 3D Artist

    Niels Paulus is a senior 3D Designer and Project Managers located in our Amsterdam studio.
    He is responsible for managing the studio and also has extensive experience with his family’s fabrication and construction business.

  • Scott Davis.jpg

    Scott Davis

    3D Artist

    Scott received his Masters of Architecture degree at Kansas State University. He has worked for several major architecture firms including NBBJ, Perkins+Will, and LMN Architects. His career opportunities have taken him from New York City before moving to Seattle and finally landing in Honolulu where he began working for Vis-Lab in 2018. 

  • Leon Kerpel.jpg

    Leon Kerpel

    3D Artist

    Educated as 3D Producer in 2011 in Amsterdam, Leon has been working in 3D for 8 years as a 3D generalist, focusing mainly on 3D (concept) modeling, 3D animation and Design.

  • Joe Riehl.jpg

    Joe Riehl

    Senior 3D Artist

    Joe Riehl provides over 15 years of experience as an Industrial Designer and 3D Artist in his current role as a Senior 3D Artist with Vis-Lab. He holds a bachelors degree from Western Washington University in Industrial Design, and previously managed an in-house visualization team with Ankrom Moisan Architects in Seattle, WA.

  • Jenny West.jpg

    Jenny West

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jenny manages the finances, business development, and strategic marketing at Vis-Lab, and brings over 15 years of experience in business management to the team.


We don't want to just work FOR you, we want to work WITH you. We know that more often than not, project timelines can shift, clients can be demanding, and that cost can be restricting. At Vis-Lab, we want to work in a way that best suits your companies workflow, so we maintain flexibility in regards to every aspect of our work.  

We can accommodate a wide variety of visualization requests, from traditional still images, to fully immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences. 

We also provide tertiary services such as 3D Modeling or concept design work. In short, we are able to intuitively fill in any gaps that may be required to present the most accurate and captivating 3D imagery available on the market today. 

3d Modeling

We take anything from a napkin sketch to a finished Revit model and further develop your model, add context, people, plants, tree, and fine details to help bring your project to life. 


A beautiful render will WOW your customers and allow them to visualize your design down to the finest details, as well as providing an excellent return on investment when used for marketing purposes.


Animations provide the next level of engagement to your customers, allowing them to further immerse themselves into the design and reveal details and volumes that wouldn't necessarily be perceivable through only still images.


This is the most immersive experience available to us technology has to offer. You will be able to review your project in a way not possible through set cameras. Find construction conflicts before they are built in the real world, and pre-sell units without actually building anything.


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